Sweet Rose Creamery

Hark, fellow Angelenos, I have found an ice cream shop that’s worth writing home about! It’s pretty new, so I wasn’t lying when I wrote that thing about LA having bad ice cream. And it’s no wonder this new place is great, because the fantastic and deservedly hyped Huckleberry pastry chef, Zoe Nathan, is behind it. When I heard that she was opening an ice cream shop, I was there the first week. I’m talking about Sweet Rose Creamery, located in Brentwood Country Mart. What’s so great about Sweet Rose? They have seasonal, interesting flavors, like earl gray, plum sorbet, and non-dairy black sesame. The flavors rotate, so don’t get disappointed if those ones aren’t there the day that you go. There’s never a bad day for some Sweet Rose, every flavor is great. For you traditionalists, they have delightful chocolate and vanilla and that kind of thing too. Each flavor is made from scratch, not all mixed from the same vanilla base, which ends up protecting the integrity of each ingredient. The texture is nice, too, it’s a little airier than my beloved BiRite, but it’s very smooth. So the Huckleberry-Rustic Canyon team strikes again! They never miss the mark. Oh, PS: A bunch of LA Whole Foods stores now carry Three Twins ice cream! It’s not the same as getting it freshly scooped, but it’s still pretty delicious. Check it out.