Jasmine Market

One of the best deals in Los Angeles! It still feels like a well-kept secret, so I am loathe to share it with anyone. However, I think Jonathan Gold already spilled the beans on Jasmine, so I’ll elaborate. Just don’t swarm the place, I don’t want to have to wait for my samusas. You can really treat yourself at this unassuming Burmese/Indian market and eatery. Go for the #6, a lamb dish with spicy gravy and jalapenos for just $7.00. You’ll get naan and rice on top of it, and if you’re feeling really indulgent you might spend an extra $1 for a sweet, creamy chai tea. It’s highly doubtful that you’ll be able to eat all that food, but if you don’t finish the naan the owner will come over and heat it up for you with butter and sugar for dessert, and then you’ll have to polish it off. Not just because it smells amazing and tastes like an Indian crepe, but because he is the nicest person ever, and when you compliment the food he will smile so warmly you'll want to give him a big hug. You can’t let him down by leaving anything on your plate. Some days, they also have a special dessert that most closely resembles bread pudding. Just ask him for the bread pudding dessert. You may go home feeling like an overstuffed fois gras goose, but you won't regret it.

Image Credit: Urbanspoon user SinoSoul Jasmine