QuicheTake a good look at this piece of quiche. Does it just look like quiche? Well, look again. Because this is the best quiche ever. It’s almost like eating a block of butter and half and half, with a splash of egg mixed in. But not in a gross way. It’s so creamy and rich and light and fluffy at the same time, you would really be remiss to pass up this slice of Forage's melt-in-your-mouth comfort food. Today’s happened to be broccoli, which was delicious, but I have an inkling that the filling is really a secondary concern. I would eat this quiche if it were filled with grasshoppers. Not to offend anyone if you’re into that kind of thing. We also tasted the jidori chicken, with sides of fingerling potato salad and beet and citrus slaw, and a pistachio cardamom shortbread cookie, fresh out of the oven. The shortbread cookie was heavenly, but having just consumed the aforementioned block of butter posing as a quiche, I thought it wouldn't be advisable to eat much of the shortbread. I would recommend both, but not at the same time. The chicken was good, some yelp reviewers have found it dry, but my piece was nice and juicy and flavorful. I wasn’t wild over the potato salad, though there was nothing particularly wrong with it, and the beet and citrus slaw was also nice and fresh but not a showstopper. They do have a lovely iced tea, and they’re the only place in LA that I know of that serves Blue Bottle Coffee, the Holy Grail of beans. It is truly a shame that they don’t offer Blue Bottle espresso, only BB’s signature individually hand brewed drip coffees, but a girl can hope that espresso options are on the horizon. The quiche is $6.50, and paired with a bowl of soup for $4 would make a satisfying and affordable lunch or brunch any day of the week. The protein plates with two sides are slightly steeper at $13.50, but for fresh, seasonal, farmer’s market-inspired dishes, that’s actually a pretty fair deal.